Your simplified route from production to post

TIME is invested into crafting a great story

MONEY is spent hiring cast, crew, and equipment

ERRORS can cause you to waste both

By providing on-set services I can offer immediate review, editing and grading capabilities.

And with live multi-cam support costly errors can be spotted before you even hit record.

This reduces the downtime between production and post from days to minutes. Saving you both time and money.


    Footage is offloaded, backed up, and archived across any combination of HDD, RAID, or LTO tape storage devices allowing for instant review.


    Custom looks can be created on location or done remotely as part of a comprehensive grading process.


    After offloading the custom looks can be applied and dailies / proxies generated for uploading to the cloud or streamed to iPads for review.

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  • Having a responsible professional handle your rushes is vital on any film project, so I use Richard's services to be sure everything goes smoothly. He's my go-to DIT for feature projects.Jen Handorf, Producer, The Watcher In The Woods
  • It's been a pleasure to work with Richard over the past few months on the feature 'Acid Daemons'. I've found him to be extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to working with Richard again in the future.Rachel Robertson, Production Manager - 'Acid Daemons'

What you can expect on-location

Live Quality Checks

By using Blackmagic Design equipment, Scopebox software, and a calibrated 10 bit monitor capable of displaying the 709, DCI-P3, and the Rec.2020 colour space I can directly view your camera’s feed via its SDI or HDMI port.

This ensures I can prevent any problems with the image from negatively impacting your production, all before you press the record button.

In addition I can monitor up to 4 camera feeds directly and view them all in a multi-view configuration in addition to outputting to 3 separate broadcast monitors.


Backups and Archival

After the initial backup I can then make sure that all recorded footage is automatically archived to multiple external drives, LTO tapes, or RAID arrays.

These drives can be formatted for use on Windows (NTFS) or Mac (HFS+), which makes compatibility issues a thing of the past.

When backing up your data I also make sure to utilise checksum verification techniques and spot checks to ensure that your data is a perfect 1:1 replica of the original.

Live Colour Grading

When lighting solutions prove too impractical colour grading can be performed on location to create custom visual looks.

This gives your project a unique look that can then be sent to the colourist in post-production for final tweaks.

This allows the DoP and creative team a lot more control over the visual look of your finished film.


On-Set Proxies and Dailies

After the footage has been safely backed up it can then be exported out in a matter of minutes as dailies for viewing by the director and other members of the production team.

These can either be uploaded to the cloud for viewing on a secured account or streamed locally out to iPads, allowing selected crew to review dailies on the move.



If you have any questions that haven't been covered here then please get in touch.