Timecode generators available

I’ll be adding Tentacle Sync timecode generators to my equipment arsenal in the first quarter of 2017.

These are lightweight timecode generators that can be used to add professional timecode to DSLRs and smartphones (iphones) as well as syncing to Arri and Red cameras.

So instead of syncing up separately recorded audio and video as you would with clap and shoot approaches these devices add professional timecode to every camera for a fraction of what it used to cost.

See how it works: https://www.tentaclesync.com/

Why are they useful?

They weigh 30g, last for 40 hours, and can be used to add professional timecode to DSLRs, GoPros and smartphones while also syncing up to Red and Arri cameras.


Sports events or multiangle reality television in which reference audio is not an option: Drones tracking a live event could be synced to on-the-ground GoPros or smartphones.